Dan Klaes is with us to share his experiences in the Hinsdale House. Dan also shares how he got in to the paranormal and how he investigates the unkno...View Details

Ghostly Encounters

We have Kristy for Soul Sisters Paranormal and Dave Tyler with Paranormal Inc. With us in this ghostly forum.

arilyn Redmond’s journey reveals the secrets to life and living from mediumship connecting her to the other side for valid answers in our lives, impar...View Details

Tory joins us to give an update on The Paranormal Relief Project and the name of Venues that have been released so far and this weeks venue release. A...View Details

Paranormal Explorations! - Ghost Biker Explorations is with us to share their ghostly Travels!

Join us on this Special Episode where the owner Josh Heard leads us and a ghostly tour of the manor and share's his paranormal experiences with us! we...View Details

Jill will be joining us to share her experiences with the Boyd House and how she came to acquire it. 

Marilynn Hughes joins us in a discussion of Spiritual Warfare where good collides with Evil.  

JC Gordon comes to talk to us about Infinite Intelligence It’s the “Red Pill” in this “blue pill delusion"

Kristy from Soul Sisters Paranormal will be with us to discuss hauntings, Investigation Techniques, how to protect yourself, equipment used, and share...View Details

We will be interviewing Jeff Harman on Paranormal Engaged. Jeff Harman is a second-generation astrologer, spiritual consultant and exorcist/property c...View Details

This Episode we will be with Marilynn to talk about Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels, and in segment 2 we will be talking about her book releasing so...View Details

Who do you call?

Tory Smith from The Paranormal Help Desk is with us as she shares her work with us helping individuals struggling with the paranormal by connecting...View Details

We have booked more exciting guests you want to hear about! check it out!

What’s coming in May!!

Season one has shaped up to be an exciting one! We have some awesome guests coming to share their expertise with us some you have heard on coast to co...View Details